We were able to engage many engineers at EMC seminars around the country, the IEEE EMC Symposium Exhibition in Long Beach California, and the IEEE EMC Chapter Seminar Exhibitions in California, Chicago, Minneapolis, Michigan and Seattle. The accompanying technical discussions with the show’s attendees provided valuable feedback for our product development team for their roadmap planning sessions.

We successfully introduced the Automotive EMC System & Anechoic Chamber to Michigan based manufacturers and the EMC Test System into the OEM and EMC test houses in California. This is proof that TOYO has been acknowledged to have high technical capability and support satisfaction as an EMC system integrator.  The is especially evident by the fact that TOYO EMC test software continuously updates and enhances combined drivers to support the various measuring instruments.

Throughout the year, we often heard from various EMC test software users of how they were so impressed with our solution after their first look and free evaluation that they even switched from others to ours. This further motivated our engineers to continuously implement and improve our product functionality. The automatic measurement function of Emission Test Software is becoming a standard. In addition, the measurement sequence with less noise measurement error on the spectrum analyzer and the EMI receiver function that supports manual measurement are very effective for debugging work. Error detection by Immunity Test System picture recognition is effective for reducing the operator’s workload and improving the repeatability of the test. The solutions are very powerful so we always encourage engineers to evaluate our solutions for full appreciation.

We will continue providing outstanding EMC test solutions. Coming in the near future will be new releases of measurement software, integration of measurement environment for General Test, and EMC/OTA measurement systems for automobiles, Frankonia’s BlueBox test bench for testing EV motors which can be installed in existing anechoic chambers, etc

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and best wishes for success and a prosperous new year to all our clients, partners and representatives in each region.  We’ll keep doing our best in supporting you.  Please feel free to contact us at info@toyotechus.com should you have any questions or concerns regarding EMC testing.

Nori “Nick” Sugawara
VP EMC Sales