First of all, I like to thank Toyotech, all the attendees and first-time comers at the 2019 IEEE+SIPI EMC Symposium that took place in New Orleans from July 22 – July 26 of 2019. As a first-timer myself, I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to attend a technical event of this magnitude.

Toyotech introduced their new RE software EPX along with the new Keysight Receiver PXE which includes a TDS (Time Domain Scan) with an industry-leading 350 MHz Bandwidth. A lot of positive feedback was received from EMC engineers, auditors and not only from our current customers which includes automotive, commercial and military testing but also from future potential customers. We are a full EMC System integrator and with our user-friendly and highly customizable software, anyone can operate our system and take reliable EMC data.

It is a great opportunity to meet young professionals, build a stronger network, and enjoy a night out with a new group of friends.


Enri Nuraj
EMC Engineer