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ASGARD1 Automated Signature Generator for Automotive Radar Verification

ASGARD1 Automated Signature Generator for Automotive Radar Verification

ASGARD1 is a unique radar test and verification solution which provides in-lab facility to evaluate radar sensors, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving for their performance, availability and reliability. A block diagram how ASGARD1 works is shown on the top right. Key features include:

  • Test solution based on real hardware vehicle in the loop (HIL/VIL)setup
  • Reproducible test scenarios and access to ground truth
  • Specification of test scenarios through a GUI
  • Pre-recorded data base including signatures of thousands of radar targets and scenarios for automotive testing
  • Combining multiple of existing scenarios for creation of new test scenarios
  • Verification of multi-beam automotive radars
  • 24 GHz or 77 GHz RF front-end including a sub-system for obtaining radar signal parameters and antenna beam information.

The applications for ASGARD1 in the automobile vertical is nearly unlimited. Here are but just a few of them.

  • Verifying Safety Standards: AEB (EuroNCAP), ACC (ISO 15622), FCW (ISO 15623), Collision mitigation system (ISO 22839)
  • R&D: data generation for training of DNNs in automotive applications; micro-motion signature generation for target identification applications
  • End-Of-Line Testing: evaluation of radar-based automotive safety functions in separate packages; validation of radar sensors; verification of autonomous vehicles
  • Calibration System: adjustment of sensor alignment
  • Individual Test Suites: test scenarios for algorithm development for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving)