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TOYO Corporation Unveils Hardware-Accelerated Cybersecurity Solution

TOYO Corporation Unveils Hardware-Accelerated Cybersecurity Solution

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, SYNESIS AURORA Eases Smart Extraction of Massive Network Data and Anomaly Detection

Tokyo, Feb 19, 2020 – TOYO Corporation (TOKYO: 8151), the leading test and measurement company, today announced SYNESIS AURORA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that’s purpose-built to recognize network anomalies that may otherwise be difficult to detect. The platform is hardware-accelerated and engineered from the bottom-up with advanced hashing and anomaly detection analytics.

Out of the box, SYNESIS AURORA can capture, process, record and analyze over 20 billion bytes of information per second. AURORA detects and identifies anomalies even in the most complex network environments providing engineers with the insight and visibility they require to proactively protect their networks. This week, TOYO Corporation will be showcasing SYNESIS AURORA at RSA 2020 on February 24-28 in San Francisco.

Increasing data rates, evolving standards, virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) have resulted in complex network environments. More than ever, engineers today are confronted with large volumes of traffic rushing in and out of the networks they manage. These network management professionals are keenly aware that it is not humanly possible to “see” today’s networks without advanced tools. And a security breach can occur at any time putting not only the network at risk but also the entire business.

Conventional security appliances are optimized for real-time analysis and typically have limited storage capabilities. This storage limitation prevents them from utilizing machine learning and AI strategies in their product design. In contrast, SYNESIS AURORA is based on a platform not encumbered by limited storage so it does not face the same product design restrictions.

SYNESIS AURORA is the latest member of the TOYO SYNESIS family of network solutions. AURORA supports high-speed data transfer and facilitates anomaly detection and analysis through the power of AI technology. The hallmark of all SYNESIS solutions is the ability to capture and record network data with complete fidelity. SYNESIS AURORA provides deep and broad visibility to enable engineers to monitor network behavior, to detect network anomalies and to protect their networks.

Product Highlights:

  • Intelligent data transfer that captures network traffic and directly streams it to storage without incurring any loss of data
  • Advanced hashing analytics streamlines network data packet analysis, typically a time consuming process
  • Complete forensic system that delivers all the required tools in a single solution

SYNESIS AURORA will ship in early 2021 in a limited version. TOYO Corporation will offer certain customers early access to the product. If interested, please contact TOYO for further information.

SYNESIS Online Resources

SYNESIS Product Information:

About TOYO Corporation



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Collateral Alert: Network Management Challenges in the 5G Era (new white paper)

Here’s a snippet from our new white paper “Network Management Challenges in the 5G Era.”  “… Given the use cases described above, network engineers
will be challenged on how to collect network packets, a critical data source required for in depth troubleshooting.  The 5G implementation involves splitting the Fronthaul into two segments. The segment between the Control Unit (CU) and Data Unit (DU) is the “Midhaul”. The new “Fronthaul” is now the segment between the DU and Radio Unit (RU)..”

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TOYO Corporation Announces 25GbE Packet Capture Appliance for 5G Networks

TOYO Corporation Announces 25GbE Packet Capture Appliance for 5G Networks

New SYNESIS Helps Resolve Issues to Ensure Network Quality and Reduce Downtime Risk in Next-Gen Mobile Networks

Tokyo, Feb 19, 2020 – TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announced the launch of a 25GbE portable packet capture appliance specifically engineered to support the new 5G mobile and cellular network standard. With the ability to capture at multiple speeds combined with its portability the SYNESIS Portable 25G is ideal for testing in dispersed environments. It is particularly well-suited for field applications where engineers require complete packet visibility but may face different GbE interfaces and rates. This new offering allows engineers to quickly identify and resolve network issues.

The architecture of 5G networks consists of several standards operating at different Ethernet data rates, ranging from 10GbE to speeds up to 200GbE. Mobile Fronthaul networks often employ fast 25GbE infrastructure and rarely reach their peak speeds. In the 5G era, these Fronthaul networks now are playing an important role in connecting subscribers to a service provider’s core network and on to applications of choice. In between these critical connection points, many things can go wrong during the initial 5G rollouts and post-deployments given the bandwidth load driven by end-user demands. Maintenance engineers must have the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot network issues that lead to downtime and degraded end-user experience.

The SYNESIS Portable is a packet capture appliance that continuously captures data traffic with complete fidelity. This means it records every single packet helping service providers identify and resolve network issues not only quickly but also accurately. As a direct result, service providers can better manage their networks, ensure higher quality connections, eliminate the risk of network downtime and avoid catastrophic financial and reputational damage.

“For more than 60 years, TOYO’s test and measurement solutions have been the choice for many of the world’s leading companies,” said Mitsuru Onodera, Senior VP, Director at TOYO Corporation. “We continue that tradition today with the announcement of the new SYNESIS Portable 25G. Having this important tool in their arsenal will benefit 5G carriers and service providers who need confidence that their networks will continue to operate with peak performance and optimal quality in field deployments. This ultimately results in satisfied and happy customers for both TOYO and for TOYO’s customers.”

The new SYNESIS Portable 25GbE is equipped with the multi-capture ability to operate at any Ethernet speed 1/10/25/40/100GbE and its portable form factor allows for rapid deployment out in the field. Service providers can also streamline their toolset as they do not need to purchase and maintain a myriad of packet capture devices that may only operate at a limited number of data rates.

SYNESIS Portable 25GbE Model Key Advantages

  • 100% High Fidelity Capture: Capture and directly stream to storage without incurring any packet loss
  • Portable: All-in-one, easy to deploy and ship for onsite network packet captures
  • Hardware-Based: Powered by FPGA technology
  • High-speed Extraction: Significantly reduce troubleshooting time
  • eCPRI/PTP/25GbE Bi-Di applicable

About TOYO Corporation

TOYO Corporation (TOKYO:8151) is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidiaries in the United States and China. Since its founding in 1953, TOYO has become the leading distributor of advanced measurement instruments and systems in Japan. TOYO also engages in original product designs and develops advanced solutions for many of the markets that it serves including automotive, sustainable energy, and cyber security industries. TOYO’s innovative products are used by many leading companies in Japan, the United States and APAC countries, helping TOYO’s customers accelerate development, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality. For more information, please visit the company’s website at



TOYO Corporation
Yoko Nonaka
SYNESIS Marketing (

TOYO Introduces Emissions Measurement and Analysis Software “EPX/VE” for Automobile and On-vehicle Equipment

TOYO Introduces Emissions Measurement and Analysis Software “EPX/VE” for Automobile and On-vehicle Equipment

New Software Enables Anyone to Conduct Measurements and Perform Analysis Like an Experienced Engineer

Tokyo, Jan 8, 2020 – TOYO Corporation (HQ: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan, President and CEO: Masaru Gomi) announces the launch of new internally developed EMI(*1) measurement and analysis software for automobile and on-vehicle equipment. Called Vehicles and Components Emissions Measurement and Analysis Software, the application is used for measuring electromagnetic interference emissions from automobile and on-vehicle equipment and analyzing them to verify conformance to various standards including international and auto makers’ own standards.

The “EPX/VE” is a software product that measures and analyzes the electromagnetic noise emitted from automobile and on-vehicle equipment. Combined with Keysight’s EMI receiver(*2), “N9048B PXE,” this software helps prevent you from missing any noise and identify the part that emits noise along with the location of the noise source. By making it easier to pinpoint the noise source, development engineers are now able to take countermeasures against such noise at each step of the development cycle more efficiently, which leads to the reduction in overall development time.

The “EPX/VE” supports the conformance test and ease of evaluation against EMI standards for automobile and on-vehicle equipment in various countries and regions.


Background / Feature
The “EPX/VE” is TOYO’s original software and was developed by One Technologies Company, an in-house TOYO company engaged in product development. An operator can measure and record the electromagnetic noise emitted by automobile and on-vehicle equipment using an EMI receiver and analyze the measured data on the “EPX/VE” to check whether the product complies with various standards.

There have been some challenges with the above-mentioned analysis – for example, it was difficult for non-experienced engineers to find the noise source by looking at the measured data. The noise source often can be identified only by an experienced engineer’s intuition. However, by visualizing all signal waveforms including noise in chronological order, the “EPX/VE” can provide you with the timing and frequency component of the noise. You can easily isolate the part emitting noise by finding the one that has the operating cycle that matches the target signal waveform. This enables anyone to conduct the EMI measurement and analysis like an expert engineer and will help shorten the overall product development cycle.

Furthermore, the “EPX/VE” also supports the conformance test for various international, regional or auto manufacturers’ own standards and by using this software, you can easily find out if your product conforms to the relevant EMI standard.


Combined solution with Keysight “N9048B PXE” EMI receiver
With the world’s first feature called “Accelerated Time Domain Scan (A-TDS)”*3, Keysight Technologies’ new EMI receiver, “N9048B PXE” offers gapless measurement, which enables you to “constantly” monitor the spectrum in the measurement frequency range so that noise is no longer missed. When noise that exceeds the maximum allowable level defined by the standard is missed in EMI measurement conducted at each development phase and is found at the final stage of development, this will substantially increase the development time as engineers need to go back to an earlier stage and fix the problem. Due to this, development engineers have no choice but to take great pains in taking countermeasures against noise and spend much time on it. A combined solution consisting of the “EPX/VE” and EMI receiver “N9048B PXE” prevents you from missing noise when you conduct EMI measurement for automobile and on-vehicle equipment and helps anyone identify the noise source easily and quickly to save time.


Main features of “EPX/VE”
・Support for various international and auto manufacturers’ standards including CISPR12, CISPR25, UN/ECE R10
・Automatic measurement sequence using A-TDS
・Scan measurement (gapless scan using A-TDS)
・Candidate list
・Interference level measurement (detailed measurement with a wide bandwidth using A-TDS)
・MS Office-based reporting feature
・Saving and loading of equipment/environment/measurement option settings as templates
・Support for various measurement conditions


Product data
・Product name: Emission measurement and analysis software “EPX/VE” for automobile and on-vehicle equipment
・Launch date: January 6, 2020


Nori Sugawara | TOYOTech

*1 Electromagnetic Interference. The phenomenon in which electromagnetic waves emitted from electronics adversely affect other electronics. The EMI measurement makes sure that the emission from a product is lower than the level that affects the normal operation of other electronics. The EMI conformance test is to test a product against an EMI standard and verify the conformance (different standards are defined for each country, region or product category).

*2 Equipment for EMI measurement that records the electromagnetic wave emitted from DUT

*3 A-TDS is an optional feature.

Fermilab Selected TOYO Corporation’s High-Speed Network Capture Appliance

Fermilab Selected TOYO Corporation’s High-Speed Network Capture Appliance

SYNESIS to Help Fermilab to Monitor and Control High-Bandwidth Data Flows

Tokyo, Jan 8, 2020 /BusinessWire/ – TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announced that Fermilab, a United States Department of Energy national laboratory, has selected 100G SYNESIS to be part of their set of network visibility and security tools.

With the ever-increasing speeds of today’s network infrastructures, the performance of the typical 100G network capture appliance is not adequate for Fermilab’s needs of troubleshooting, security and maintenance. Fermilab plans to use the SYNESIS 100G capture appliance to develop algorithms to monitor and secure deployments over high-bandwidth connections. In addition to packet capture without loss, SYNESIS provides the added feature to replay recorded network traffic up to 100G. This makes it possible to pre-test any planned high-speed network infrastructure designs with real-world data.

Having a product that can capture all network traffic up to 100G without any packet loss is critical. Security threats have become increasingly complex and can remain undetected by traditional security appliances, which can be oversubscribed, until damage is evident. To gain the ability to observe the entire network, every data frame must be captured and recorded at any traffic speed.    With complete historical packet data, it becomes possible to investigate those previously undetected malicious data that traversed the network, and to fix the issue to solve the security threats. Therefore, it is important to capture 100% of all packets when it comes to security and to have a reliable tool to be the foundation for these security tests.

TOYO Corporation’s SYNESIS is able to capture 100G without any packet loss and is able to replay captured data back at a 100G wire rate speed, providing a possible solution to the difficult problem of securing high-bandwidth data transfers.

“TOYO’s SYNESIS network capture appliances are the choices for many different types of organizations around the world because of their powerful feature set and their ability to record every single packet without any single packet loss,” said Masaru Gomi, CEO and President at TOYO Corporation. “TOYO values the partnership with Fermilab. The customer also is aware that we recently added 200G support to SYNESIS allowing them and other customers to future-proof their investment as networks transition to that higher speed.”

The use of 100Gbps packet analyzer tools is not just for the Telecom world anymore, as these high-speed analyzers are also increasingly being used for security purposes.

TOYO has four years of experience engineering 100G packet capture appliances and over 30 years of experience in supplying high-speed capture and network management solutions. With many years of experience exceeding customer requirements in the Telecom, Financial, and Government industries throughout Asia, TOYO continues to expand further by supplying 100G capture appliances for use in security and to increase adoption in North America and European markets.


TOYO Corporation
Yoko Nonaka
SYNESIS Marketing (