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Collateral Alert: Network Management Challenges in the 5G Era (new white paper)

Here’s a snippet from our new white paper “Network Management Challenges in the 5G Era.”  “… Given the use cases described above, network engineers
will be challenged on how to collect network packets, a critical data source required for in depth troubleshooting.  The 5G implementation involves splitting the Fronthaul into two segments. The segment between the Control Unit (CU) and Data Unit (DU) is the “Midhaul”. The new “Fronthaul” is now the segment between the DU and Radio Unit (RU)..”

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Another trip to France…an indicator of more SYNESIS business?

Congratulations to WAVETEL for winning the EMEA Outstanding Performance Award for SYNESIS Sales 2018!

Tom Nakamura and I took another trip to Paris, France to visit our partner, WAVETEL.  It was a long trip but always worth it as we’ve learned this past year.  WAVETEL missed our Sales Meeting in Tokyo last May so it came as a surprise to them that we brought over their Outstanding Performance Award for the EMEA region.  Congratulations to Laurent, Hubert, and team!   Also, thank you for hosting us during our stay.  Based on our discussions it looks like 2019 will even be better for SYNESIS in your region.  Well done!

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Angelo Bustos
Solutions Consultant Director

US Annual SYNESIS Sales Conference Americas 2019

Thank you to our North America Partners!

We signed up five new North American partners this past year.  Four of them were able to make it to our first Annual SYNESIS Sales Meeting for the Americas.  To our new partners, thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule and spending two full days with us to get better acquainted with our team and product line.  It’s funny, having worked in the same industry, we always seem to have mutual business colleagues and, of course, there were always great stories to share from days gone by.  The late afternoons were filled with food, drinks, and more great conversations — team building we called it :-).   Then we capped it off with a barbeque picnic by the lake.  Thank you again and looking forward to much success with you!

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Angelo Bustos
Solutions Consultant Director

The Network Management Professionals of SYNESIS

Data networks are far more complex than ever before. SYNESIS can help your IT organization take back control of your networks. Watch this entertaining short video to discover and learn more about TOYO’s long history of helping customers around the world better manage their networks and guard them against cyberthreats.  To watch the entire video, click here.  If you enjoy what you saw, please give us a like.

Where in the world is Angelo Bustos?

Have SYNESIS will travel, like in planes, trains, and automobiles.  Take a look at the pictures and guess where Tom Nakamura and I have been these past few weeks?  Each picture represents a country where we’ve signed channel partners to help us spread the word on SYNESIS.  Hint: look for landmarks, signs, text.  A couple should be obvious.  The others are a little tougher unless you’ve actually been there and so may be familiar with the scenery.

We’ve flown quite a number of miles and they can certainly wear you down but the rewards have been tremendous.  Multiple SYNESIS opportunities resulted through these newly signed partners, enough to keep us busy for the near future.  So, if you’re one of our recently signed partners, “Thank you!”.  We’re looking forward to much success together.

The main takeaway with this last round of thousands of miles is that SYNESIS is not just for network troubleshooting, it can be deployed for different purposes.  How?  Because SYNESIS isn’t quite a “black box”.  It’s architecture is flexible enough so that it can be tuned for specific deployment requirements.  NEMs can use its traffic generation functions for testing.  Its RESTful API and Linux platform allows it to be used as a data collector where stored data may be accessed directly via scripts bypassing the user interface altogether.

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Angelo Bustos
Solutions Consultant Director

2019 RSA® Conference Recap

The RSA® Conference took place from March 4-7 at the Moscone Convention Center.  A reported 42,000 people from around the world attended the event.  There were 31 keynote presentations, 740 speakers and 621 sessions.  More than 700 exhibiting companies were at the conference.  The TOYO teams from Japan and the United States staffed our booth (#2265) at the conference.  Have a look at our photo gallery which consists of 81 pictures taken throughout the RSA event.

At the TOYO Booth, we showcased our SYNESIS packet capture appliance.  This powerful appliance has the unique capability to record every single data frame from a network segment ranging from GbE line rate all the way to 100GbE line rates. No other competing product comes close. We just released a new informative video espousing the reason why you need to capture all data frames in order to perform comprehensive network forensics and analysis.  I encourage you to check out the video.  It’s only 2 minutes long.

We even created a Japanese language version.

During the show, we also unwrapped an incubation product called OmniX, a portable cybersecurity solution that provides unified security analysis and forensics.  It has a myriad of powerful features including the ability to provide comprehensive risk, threat and vulnerability management, and policy-based forensic data recording utilizing a patent pending indexing architecture.  I’ll post more on the blog about this product as we home in on a launch and release date.  In the meantime, if you need any additional information feel free to drop us an email at

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights for us was the CFI (Cyber Forensic Investigation) Challenge we staged.  A cybercrime had just taken place at the Moscone Center and we asked visitors to our booth to help us solve the crime.  For those who were willing to take up the challenge, TOYO provided them with a clue.  They were then asked to visit our partners, Flowmon and to gather additional clues.  Once they received all 3 clues, they should have had enough information to identify the perpetrator.  We had over 45 submissions.  Thank you for all your participation.  Thank you to our partners Garland, Flowmon and for taking part in the challenge.

I reviewed all the submissions and over 95% of you got the correct answer which was the “Wannacry” ransomware.  Personally, I had anticipated about 50% of the submissions to be correct so I was absolutely blown away.  We held the drawing last week in our offices and picked the winners.  The grand prizes winners were Mel Lee ($300 Amazon gift card) and Joe Wei ($150 Amazon card).  There were also 9 other winners and they each will receive a $40 Amazon card.  Here’s a video of the raffle draw.

Congratulations to everyone.  And a special thank you to our CEO, Masaru Gomi, for helping us out with the raffle drawing.  He is the gentleman in the white checkered shirt.

We’d like to thank everyone that dropped by the booths to learn more about SYNESIS and OmniX. We had an amazing time engaging with the cybersecurity community at the RSA conference and we will definitely be back next year.  We hope to see everyone again then if not sooner.

Steve Wong

VP Marketing and Product Management

Rapid advancements in networking technologies fuels interest and growth in SYNESIS business unit

The year 2018 for our Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) group has been an eventful year with the focus on expanding our channel and marketing partnerships.  With the help of Tatsushi “Tom” Nakamura, ICT established a stronger presence in regions outside of the Japan and US, namely EMEA.  We also had sales growth in Australia through existing channels.  Our marketing partnerships improved as we worked closer with one partnership while establishing another.

The start of the new year was kicked off with a whirlwind tour through Europe: UK, France, and Germany by the sales team.  That was quickly followed by another trip to the continent, specifically to Israel.  With carnet in hand, Tom and I, showcased ICT’s premier product, SYNESIS, to potential partners.  Some of these partners were at times previous channel partners from our ClearSight Networks days while others were new.  The goal was to further qualify the candidates and of course to evangelize SYNESIS.  Not all were optimal, but we chose a select few that we feel will definitely help expand our SYNESIS business.

From those partners arose multiple inquiries, some followed by site visits by the sales team to Europe, Middle East, and Australia.  Select opportunities were followed by onsite Proof-of-Concepts (POC).  They will come to fruition in the coming months as budgets are allocated.  Domestically and internationally, there were POCs with major service providers and government related agencies.

What drove these opportunities?…primarily 40G and 100G installations, spearheaded by service providers!  While previous years lacked strong commitments to the higher Ethernet speeds by organizations, 2018 proved to be a different story.  In the past six to nine months we’ve seen 40G and 100G inquiries increase, from both new and existing contacts.  We believe as planned deployments of 5G by service providers continue to increase in the US, Europe, and Australia, being able to record network traffic at the highest Ethernet rates will be a priority.  This is especially true after users realize that their existing packet capture solutions prove inadequate – dropped packets.

On the marketing partnership front, there’s Garland Technology.  SYNESIS can work with any tap and packet broker vendor in the industry such as Gigamon and Ixia.  However, we haven’t had much traction with strategic partnerships in the US, primarily due to TOYO’s limited market presence in the US since past focus was always in Asia.  That’s where our new partnership with Garland Technology comes in.  They differ themselves from incumbents by providing more cost-effective solutions.  They’ve also grown in leaps and bounds.  In their ecosystem are application and network performance vendors.  However, what’s lacking is a high-performance packet capture vendor to complement Garlands’s high-speed 40G and 100G installations…perfect for SYNESIS.

In summary, this year has been focused on building a strong foundation from which we can grow sales in 2019.  Thank you to the TOYO management and engineering teams for continuous support!

Angelo Bustos

Solutions Consultant Director