EMC Test Software

  EPX/RE EMI  Measurements and Analysis Software

Latest EMC measurement software “EPX/RE” leading the Accelerated Time Domain Scan feature a success The “EPX/RE”, completely new radiated emission measurement and evaluation software enables highly reliable EMI measurement without missing any noise, which is achieved by embedding in its auto measurement sequence the Accelerated Time Domain Scan feature, an optional feature for Keysight Technologies’ N9048B PXE EMI receiver. The measured noise data are also quite effective for taking countermeasures against noise as you can analyze the behavior of noise in relation to frequency but also in time sequence.

EPX/VE EMI Measurement and Analysis Software for Automobile and On-vehicle Equipment

The “EPX/VE” is a software product that measures and analyzes the electromagnetic noise emitted from automobile and on-vehicle equipment. Combined with Keysight’s EMI receiver, “N9048B PXE,” this software helps prevent you from missing any noise and identify the part that emits noise along with the location of the noise source.
By making it easier to pinpoint the noise source, development engineers are now able to take countermeasures against such noise at each step of the development cycle more efficiently, which leads to the reduction in overall development time.

ES10/RE  EMI Measurement Software

TOYO has developed and sold a number of EMI measurement software applications to respond to various customer needs. The software roughly falls under two main series – the “EP5” and ”EP7” series that has established its position as the industry standard, supporting various EMI receiver models and EMI measurement equipment (including antenna mast and turntable) and the high-end “EPX” series that fully utilizes the features of Keysight Technologiesʼ top-of-the-line EMI receiver “N9048B PXE.” With the “ES10/RE” developed on the same platform (fundamental software structure) as the “EPX,” the functional differences among the series have been minimized or eliminated, and the new features will be delivered to the user in a shorter time. The “ES10/RE” is the first application of the “ES10” series that will replace the existing ”EP5/RE” and “EP7/RE” and will be followed by two other applications in sequence. The “EPX” and “ES10” will be the two main pillars of TOYOʼs EMI measurement software.

EMC  Measurement Software

No1 Quality EMC Measurement Software
TOYO Corporation has designed and developed EMC measurement software for more than 35 years.
Throughout the world, more than 1000 TOYO systems have been chosen by governmental communications regulating agencies and many major companies, such as Competent Body,to form the core and standard of their test and evaluation installations.

Supporting a wide range of needs, from design improvement to final qualification test, TOYO continues as the world’s first choice in integrated EMC test systems and software because TOYO places exceptional importance on user feedback.