EMC  Measurement Software

No1 Quality EMC Measurement Software TOYO Corporation has designed and developed EMC measurement software for more than 35 years.
Throughout the world, more than 1000 TOYO systems have been chosen by governmental communications regulating agencies and many major companies, such as Competent Body, to form the core and standard of their test and evaluation installations.
Supporting a wide range of needs, from design improvement to final qualification test, TOYO continues as the world’s first choice in integrated EMC test systems and software because TOYO places exceptional importance on user feedback.

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  • 100% In-house Developed software
  • Always provide the latest features
  • High quality
  • Quick correspondence and long-term support
  • Supporting a wide variety of hardware
  • 25 types of software corresponding to international and domestic EMC
  • organizations and standards
  • Simple operability,
  • Loading and saving templates and measurement conditions
  • Support for the latest Windows OS
  • Operation languages ;Japanese and English

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EMI Measurement Software
Radiated emission measurement software EP5/RE
Conducted emission measurement software EP9/CE
Radiated emission evaluation and measurement software EP7/RE
Terminal noise evaluation and measurement software EP7/CE
RF power emission measurement software EP5/RFP
Site attenuation measurement software EP5/NSA
Multi-purpose EMI measurement software EP5/ME


Immunity Measurement Software
Radiated immunity measurement software IM5/RS
Conducted immunity measurement software IM5/CS


Vehicles and Electrical/Electronic Components Measurement Software
2004/104/EC, CISPR25 Ed3, CISPR12, MIL461 radiated and conducted emission measurement software EP9/VE
Radiated immunity measurement software VI5/RS
Bulk current injection (BCI) immunity measurement software IM5/CS


Broadcast Receivers and Associated Equipment Measurement Software
Antenna terminal emission measurement software EP5/AT
Tuner radiated emission measurement software EP5/RET
EN55020-compliant Audio immunity measurement software IM5/A
EN55020-compliant TV/video immunity measurement software IM5/V
Screening effectiveness measurement software for audio equipment IM5/S4A
Screening effectiveness measurement software for video equipment IM5/S4V


Antenna Pattern Measurement Software
Data Acquisition Software TY2100AM
Output Analysis Software TY2100AO
3D Output Analysis Software TY2300AO