EMC Test Systems

EMI Measurement System


With the digitization and mobilization of high precision and high integration
of electronic instruments, the selection and countermeasure of noise source
become more and more difficult. Therefore, it requires us to enlarge the
upper limit of the measuring frequency in specific measuring and to collect
and save the complicated noise data to the largest extent corresponding to
the annually-revised standards.
Based on these requirements, we carry out the development of EPX series
software and the improvement of EP9, EP7 series software; moreover, we provide
various users with the most suitable EMI measuring scheme and system.
No matter the user is a green hand or a practician, he can operate the EMI
easily through the simple user interface. Accurate and efficient automation
measurement can be accomplished from the simple measurement of EMI
countermeasure to the final certified test.

Immunity Test System


The automatic measurement system for radiated Immunity is used for evaluating
the immunity levels of electronic device against the electromagnetic
interference. Such system is able to automatically control the measuring
instruments such as signal generator, power amplifier system, field probe,
power meter or antenna tower. Even the beginners can easily perform high efficiency
and accurate measurement and can also print and save the measuring results.

EMC Test System for Vehicles and Vehicle Components


We develop original EMC measurement software applications for vehicles and Vehicle Components which are designed specifically for the purpose.
Our EMC system for Vehicles and Vehicle Components allow you to perform all the measurements required for this application, ranging from pre-compliance to full compliance tests.

GTEM Cell Test System


A GTEM (Gigahertz Transverse Electro Magnetic) cell is a test site for efficiently performing both radiated immunity and emissions testing in a single, controllable and shielded environment.
Compared to other test sites, GTEM testing is faster with high accuracy and excellent reproducibility.

BlueBox: Mobile EMC Motor Test Bench


The BlueBox, compliant with CISPR25 Ed4 and ISO 11452-2, is a mobile load machine for effective, efficient and adapted EMC testing on e-motors and any related components. As it behaves completely EMC neutral during measurement, it can be used in an existing chamber.