TOYO Original EMC Products



TOYO’s G-CELL is a cubic cell upgraded from TEM CELL, enabling easy radiated EMI measurement and immunity test of EUTs in the transmission line installed on the floor.
User-friendly G-CELL is favorable for immunity control and preliminary measurements before authentication tests in a radio anechoic room and open site.

High gain preamplifier TPA series

and low noise figure which are demanded by EMI measurement over 1 GHz.
It is designed by the following specification, and even if it installs in measuring indoor, EMI measurement can be performed by sufficient sensitivity.
Moreover, since this is a small size, it can be also installed the pit in an electric wave darkroom and directly under a receiving antenna.

NS4900 Series RF Selector

NS series selective switches of our company include 8 ( or 10) groups of radio.
frequency switches for switching the signal path.

Absorbing clamp moving system MAC600G

Absorbing such as MAC600G model is CISPR14, Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, EN55020, etc.
The measurement using clamp is applied (main quality of the material: FRP), and the automatic run by the manual operation from a controller and GPIB control is possible.