TOYO’s G-CELL is a cubic cell upgraded from TEM CELL, enabling easy radiated EMI measurement and immunity test of EUTs in the transmission line installed on the floor.
User-friendly G-CELL is favorable for immunity control and preliminary measurements before authentication tests in a radio anechoic room and open site.

● Capable of easy EMI measurement with the spectrum analyzer.
● Enables radiated immunity test assuring consistency.
● Large opening design allowing easy EUT installation.
● Customizable power/signal line filters
● Preliminary simplified EMC measurement in an office environment
  • Frequency range: 10 k-1 GHz (2 GHz)
  • Max. input power: 150 W (Type N connector)
  • Electric field strength : 30V/m @20W
  • Dimensions: 70×70×70 cm (protrusion excluded)
  • Applicable EUT size: 40×40×40 cm
  • Shielding performance: Min. 50 dB
  • Standard equipped: shield glass window x1, lighting x1
    AC filter (single-phase 20A) x1
    BNC terminal x1, D-Sub9pin x1
    Option for panel x1
    Interlock function for safety

Typical Radiated Emission Test System


■Typical Radiated Immunity Test System