Rotational Viscosity Coefficient (γ1) Measurement System  Model LCM-2

This model can measure data necessary for the calculation of the rotational viscosity (g1) of liquid crystal cells (electric current and time at director switching peak or impurity ion peak) without magnetic field application unit. In addition, voltage holding ratio, ion density, and residual DC voltage also can be measured.

LC Material Characteristics Measurement System Model 6254 TOYO Corporation (Physical property evaluation of liquid crystals)

Model 6254 can measure voltage holding ratio, residual DC voltage, and cell ion density with this single unit.

LC Elastic Constant Measurement System   Model EC-1

Model LCM-3 is the world’s first unit to measure slight amount of impurities in TFT-LCD panels nondestructively.

TFT-LCD panel measurement System   Model LCM-3

Model EC-1 can measure K11 (Spray) and K33 (Bend) using a Fredericks transition based measurement method. Dielectric constant anisotropy (De), e⊥, and e∥ can also be measured.

LC Resistivity Measurement System   Model SR-6517

Model SR-6517 consists of a high-sensitivity electrometer/source, liquid electrode to fill with liquid crystal, and shield box to protect the liquid electrode from noise and can measure specific resistance of high-purity liquid crystal materials.