LC Material Characteristics Measurement System   Model 6254

Model 6254 can measure voltage holding ratio, residual DC voltage, and cell ion density with this single unit. Respective measurements are made by a single measurement module. Up to 8 measurement modules can be installed, which allows short-time measurement of multiple samples. In particular, residual DC voltage measurement, which usually takes long time, can be conducted with up to 8 channels within a measurement time of single panel and hence the measurement time can be saved considerably.

– Voltage holding ratio, residual DC voltage, and ion density can be measured with this single unit.

– Simultaneous measurement of up to 8 channels or sequential measurement of up to 48 channels can be made.

– Small leak current and small input capacity are realized.


  • Voltage Holding Ratio, Ion density, and Residual DC voltage measurement can be available.
  • Applying for CE marking
  • Number of Channels : Up to 8 channels (simultaneous) and 48 channels (sequential)
  • Applying voltage : Up to 10 volts
  • Designing of special jig for customers’ test cell can be available
  • Automatic temperature control & sequential measurement can be realized