The Search Engine for Clouds!


Today’s virtualized data center solutions are a mixture of private, public, and hybrid clouds.  Having a heterogeneous infrastructure leads to management innefficency dealing with multiple consoles and solutions.  Inherent challenges in managing virtual infrastructures and clouds include:

  • Too many vendor consoles
  • Searches are time consuming
  • Lack scalability
  • Hard to use
  • Manual and repetitive operations

In addition, the migration to container technology brings even more complexity.

DoubleCloud’s vSearch is the most powerful search engine available for any cloud infrastructure. It empowers administrators to search and act on vital intelligence.  DoubleCloud’s technology simplifies the complex and provides you more control over your cloud.  Search, view, and manage from the “big picture” rather than individual views.



Enterprise class Search Engine

Simplify Data Center Searches

  • Simple and Advanced queries allows searches across any cloud type across all data centers.
  • Autofill while typing in any string will lists suggested text along with the search history
  • Pre-built search queries simplifies typical search and management operations



Customizable Dashboard for Realtime Statistics and Trending

Know when problems arise

  • Real-time Statistics and Trending of inventory and events across multiple vCenters and clouds provide expanded data center views
  • Multiple tabs and panels focus on your cloud’s health, capacity, and optimization  Have access to all cloud types


Social Networks Diagrams

Visualize your cloud’s social network 

  • Explore View and explore a cloud’s social network in terms of host, vm, network, and datastore relationships
  • Focus on any object to highlight it’s relationships to any object: VM, Host, Network, Datastore



Document key information

  • 20+ pre-built Templates summarize the most common information referenced by VMware administrators and other stake holders
  • Custom tags allow filtering of reports so that only those of interest will appear to show or hide these reports
  • Export to PDF, Excel, and HTML format
  • Built-in templates may be cloned and customized to suit

Flexible Management

Manage your cloud assets

  • Assign any virtual asset to an individual, team, or project to prevent over or under allocation
  • View Historical ownership
  • Import External Assets (not managed by any vCenters or clouds) from a CSV file to keep track over all assets



Consolidate multiple vCenters in a “Single pane of glass”

Avoid repetitive and time consuming operations.  Define your vCenters in the easy to deploy vSearch and in minutes you’ll be searching through your entire cloud inventory and events in a “single pane of glass”.  It connects to ALL your vCenters, AWS, Azure, Docker, Openstack for their inventories and events in real-time, and empower users to search, analyze, visualize, report with Google like HTML5 Web interface.

Use built-in filters to view select resources that are located anywhere in your cloud.  “Google” any virtual resource or event quickly and with ease.



Asset Management

Prevent asset contention.  Manage and assign virtual assets across your Private, Public, or Hybrid clouds.  vSearch supports vCenters, AWS, Azure, Docker, and Openstack.  Assign VMs or hosts to an owner, team, or project.  The assignments are also recorded for historical purposes.