High-Speed Packet Recorder & Replayer 

SYNESIS Portable

SYNESIS Portable provides mobility for big data packet capture needs without sacrificing high fidelity lossless packet capture performance at any Ethernet speed: 1G/10G/100G.  The rugged SYNESIS Portables are ideal for lab, offsite locations, and data centers as temporary big data packet collectors.  SYNESIS Portables are self-contained units with their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse trackpad and all of the necessary software.

SYNESIS Distributed

SYNESIS Distributed provides permanent installations for big data packet capture where extended storage is a requirement.  SYNESIS Distributed is ideal for Enterprise data centers, branch offices, small remote offices.  It can even accommodate the high packet capture demands of Service Providers.  It supports network interfaces of 1G,10G, and 100G and guarantees packet capture performance up to 100Gbps with zero packet loss.