MaxSign 100

User-Friendly UI, Extensible

MaxSign 100 OTA test automation system is designed independently by General Test Systems Inc. It strictly complies with CTIA specifications and has been updated timely following the latest CTIA standard revision. MaxSign 100 leads the industry with extraordinary test speed, accuracy, repeatability, fluency, flexibility and overall end user experience. MaxSign 100 meets OTA test requirements from early stage R&D, pre-certification, certification to production test.

Based on latest development platform
•Separation between UI and test control automation procedures
•Highly open and flexible system architecture
•Optimized test instrument interface and data sharing mechanism
•Template-based test configuration for accuracy, flexibility and easy to use
•Extensive data analyzing, report generation and display tools maximizing information to engineers
•2D, 3D or single point test
•Flexible sampling resolution
•Data display in real time
•Extensive software based link adjustment mechanisms to prevent call drops
•Well established test log, journal and original data management functions which guarantee data integrity and traceability
•Batch processing for unattended continuous test.
•Pre-provisioned templates allow click-to-run and prevent human errors
•3D display tools with flexible browsing and image segmentation function

Operate with third-party instrument and respective software module, MaxSign supports the following test items:
•LTE MIMO Throughput
•Passive test
•3D display of test results and test report generation

MaxSign automatically finishes the following measures tasks in either active or passive mode:
•Cross Polar Level
•Sidelobe Levels
•Antenna Efficiency
•2D/3D antenna pattern