Compact and High-precision OTA Quick Test System

Based on breakthrough theories and system design, RayZone systems can be configured flexibly to conduct any OTA task with the same accuracy and repeatability as a conventional large certification system, but with much higher speed and smaller floor space.

-Support all wireless communication standards
-Cover all standard test items
-Support MIMO 2×2, 4×4 and 3D OTA measurement
-Dissociation measurement, trouble shooting
-Provide help for antenna R&D with hardware simulation

Certified Level of Accuracy

RayZone 1800 has 13 sides, a unique design that needs only 11 antennas to achieve the 15-degreesampling density required by CTIA specification.

With an asymmetrical design, measurement antennas are not directly facing each other. Thus, it lengthens the signal path in a limited space, maximizes the absorber capability, guarantees the isolation between antennas, and avoids antenna coupling and signal reflection.

Perfect Fit for Any Standard Item

RayZone 1800 supports all wireless communication standards, as well as NB-loT/eMTCstandard, desense/passive/active and other complicated tests.

Patent Algorithm, Quick Test

RayZone 1800 supports our patented SmarTest technology. It takes a different approach and enhances the test speed by taking advantage of the unique property of each protocol. Advanced users may combine various test options and generate customized configurations according to specific attributes of each individual OUT, and thus maximize test speed while keeping high measurement accuracy and fluency.

Movable & Integrated design

It is small, fast, economical and convenient, with the highest repeatability and accuracy in its class, which can be directly shipped to your site.