The value added OTA WiFi Test solution supports antenna measurement, SISO OTA (TRP/TIS) and MIMO throughput (4*4) for WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac. With signaling WiFi tester option, we provides the customers all they need to measure WiFi terminals including cellphone, PADs, Laptops, WiFi routers and IoT devices with the most competitive price.  It is flexible to choose from the portfolio based on the customers’ needs, such as big or small DUTs, antenna pattern needed or not, SISO or MIMO needed.

Minimize the reflection with the Chambers
Low RCS probe antennas are located asymmetrically to minimize the reflection while maintain the small size of the chamber. Customized EPP absorber are developed for WiFi bands. Reflectivity of the EPP absorbers at Normal Incidence reach as low as -40dB for 2.4GHz, -45dB for 5GHz.

4X4 MIMO throughput
802.11ac 4*4 MIMO throughput test are performed in free space environment at TCP/IP level. Attenuators are used to emulate the distance between the probe antennas and the DUT.

Built-in signaling tester
Signaling test unit is provided as an option. With the built-in signaling tester, the customers owns the all-in-one solution to measure WiFi DUT with lowest cost in the market.

A new generation of EPP absorber
The dust free, rigid, water resistant EPP absorber are adopted for long term stability, consistent performance.

Fast delivery, plug & play
The WiFi OTA test facilities is ready to deliver and could be shipped to the customer site, plugged and ready to be used.

Stable and efficient software
MaxSign 100 OTA software is easy to use with fast speed, accuracy and repeatability. The test log, journal and original data management functions guarantee data integrity and traceability.