In my career, I have attended more exhibitions and tradeshows than I would like to remember.  However, the Novi, Michigan event that took place during the week of October 22 in Michigan was very memorable for me.  Perhaps it was because it was the first time I had ever attended (and exhibited at) at an automotive focused show.  I have worked in a number of different industries prior to joining TOYOTech including consumer electronics, enterprise data storage, networking and computing.  But the Automotive Testing Expo was a new experience for me and some of my colleagues. 

There were over 300 exhibiting companies and the event was held at a venue called the Suburban Collection Showplace.  The organizers billed the event as “offering attendees the opportunity to meet hundreds of the world’s most innovative automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering technology developers.”  This was an understatement.  Exhibiting companies showcased products that span that full array of development, test and measurement solutions for electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles.    It was difficult to walk the floor and not see things that you had ever seen before or products that warranted a further, closer look.  Take a look at some of the pictures we took at the event on Google Photos.

At the TOYO booth, we focused our efforts on the Rototest dynamometers, a more cost-effective and easier way to perform traditional powertrain testing and measurements.   Although we did not bring actual production versions of the dynamometer to the show, we brought the next best thing: scaled down fully operating models.  It was an instant hit.  And our booth area was constantly filled with visitors.  Many came by to watch our model car execute turns on the dynamometers that were attached to them.  You can find a video of our model dynamometers at this link.

We also previewed our Rototest X Simulator.  This solution is integrated with Rototest dynamometers allowing one to not only simulate true road conditions but also to visualize them in real time.  The following link takes you to a linkedin post which contains a video showing how this work. 

In addition to support from the US TOYOTech team, we also had support from our colleagues from TOYO Japan and a key member of the Rototest team.  And through the three days of exhibitions, we collectively talked to many hundreds of folks that passed by our booth area about our automotive test solutions.

There were multiple occasions where a visitor would come by our booth, reviewed our offerings, talked to our staff and then return several hours or a day later with a colleague or their manager to show them what they have seen or heard.  I do not recall this happening often at the tradeshows I have staffed in the past. 

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the TOYO booth.  We and we look forward to seeing you again at this event next year.

Steve Wong

VP of Marketing & Product Management