The TOYO Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) solution offers eye tracking software for integration in passenger cars and other vehicles to facilitate better safety and other functions that improve the user experience. It is the next generation of eye tracking technology.

Today, a large number car manufacturers have included the technology into their automobiles. Smart Eye is the market leader within the Automotive industry and is paving the way for high performance reliability, precision, optimized costs and availability.

Our new cameras can assist in gathering even more insightful data from tracking a subject’s eyes. Smart Eye Pro dx cameras have a more compact size, smaller footprint, and are lighter weight. These features grant the new cameras access to even more locations while being less intrusive to your research process.

The DMS helps understand the behavior characteristics of drivers. It helps answer such questions as what is the driver looking at and how do they respond; what is the driver impact for new automobile features.  Smart Eye provides the following features:

  • Exceptional robustness and data availability
  • Features the smallest form factor and fits anywhere
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Larger headbox ensures the best in the industry data availability
  • Reduced setup and configuration time by letting the camera determine the correct exposure (new autoexposure feature)
  • Ability to measure direction of eye gaze (angel, vector), head position and angle, pupil diameter, and much more