Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are automated systems, which increase safety features for avoiding collisions. With real-time measurement of parameters from up to three vehicles and at better than 2 cm positional accuracy, the DualCar allows manufacturers to easily verify the effectiveness of their ADAS.

Data from two or more vehicles provides very accurate position and distance information relative to each other and/or fixed object, which is the basis for an ADAS test system. A standard Wi-Fi access point is used to send data, so that a wide area can be covered.

Due to the video module the measured parameters can be graphically overlaid in real-time onto the recorded video, providing a clear visual reference to the performance of the test.

The CAN module allow to read CAN messages and transmits measured parameters on the bus.


  • All ADAS test can be done using the same hardware
  • Real-time calculation of relative distance, speed, acceleration, time to collision, etc.
  • Due to RTK (RealTime Kinematic) features for GPS receiver the DualCar provides a better than 2cm position accuracy
  • The moving base features allows to test ADAS applications on the open road providing a 2cm position accuracy on relative distance between vehicles and obstacle
  • CAN bus, analog input and acquired video synchronization
  • Online data transfer, real-time data exchange from target vehicle to VUT and vice-versa
  • Ready to be integrated with NaviControl autonomous driving system
  • Expandability and modularity

ADAS TESTING: Every modern vehicle is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). One of the challenges of ADAS testing is to precisely measure relative position and velocity from car to car when testing longitudinal control systems and to track the car in the testing of lateral control systems.

VEHICLE 2 VEHICLE MEASUREMENT: At the core of the DualCar system is the GNSS receiver IMU aided, connected via radio telemetry to an RTK Base Station, or to another DualCar system acting as a ‘moving base’. DualCar measurement chain allow NCAP confirmation tests.