BlueBox: Mobile EMC Motor Test Bench


The BlueBox, compliant with CISPR25 Ed4 and ISO 11452-2, is a mobile load machine for effective, efficient and adapted EMC testing on e-motors and any related components. As it behaves completely EMC neutral during measurement, it can be used in an existing chamber.

  • Radiated Emission (EMI): Full compliant according to CISPR 25 Ed.4
  • Radiated Immunity (EMS): Full compliant according to ISO 11452-2
  • Load machine (dynamometer) available as a mobile version from 32kW up to 120kW
  • Additional battery simulation up to 1,000V, 350kW and 600A available
  • 360 degrees EMC test with position on a turntable, or in combination with CISPR test table
  • Test setup preparation outside the EMC chamber possible, Plug&Play function
  • Bulk body of BlueBox can be considered as a vehicle structure
  • Highest European safety standards
  • Integration kit for existing chambers available