High gain preamplifier TPA series

TPA series pre-amplifier achieved high gain  and low noise figure which are demanded by EMI measurement over 1 GHz.
It is designed by the following specification, and even if it installs in measuring indoor, EMI measurement can be performed by sufficient sensitivity.
Moreover, since this is a small size, it can be also installed the pit in an electric wave darkroom and directly under a receiving antenna.

Limit value and measurement method are stipulated in CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference), FCC rules of USA, MIL standard of US military for the EMI of frequency band more than 1GHz. When measuring frequency more than 1GHz, there is the case that cannot confirm whether it satisfy prescribed limit value because of the big noise figure of the spectrum analyzer, and low gain of the horn antenna. In such case it can be confirmed by inserting TPA series preamp between horn antenna and spectrum analyzer to amplify a noise level.
The TPA series preamp has the following characteristics.


  • Low Noise figure
  • Good VSWR for Input and Output port
  • Radiation of heat with the large-sized heat sink
  • By an exclusive AC power supply unit, it can easily supply a power
  • Because the size is small, it can be installed in the pit under the floor

Model Name Item Specification
TPA0108-40 Operation frequency 1-8GHz
Gain 42dB(min)
Gain flatness ±1.5dB
Noise figure 1.6dB(max)
Output power +13dBm(min)
VSWR 2.0 : 1
Input connector SMA(female)
TPA0118-35 Operation frequency 1-18GHz
Gain 35dB(min)
Gain flatness ±2.7dB
Noise figure 2.5dB(max)
Output power +10dBm(min)
VSWR 2.5:1(max)
Input connector SMA(female)