LC Resistivity Measurement System   Model SR-6517

Measurement of specific resistance is extremely important for quality control of liquid crystal materials. Also, fluorine-type nematic liquid crystal, usually used for TFT-LCD, tends to have high specific resistance and hence requires measurement of higher sensitivity.

Model SR-6517 consists of a high-sensitivity electrometer/source, liquid electrode to fill with liquid crystal, and shield box to protect the liquid electrode from noise and can measure specific resistance of high-purity liquid crystal materials.

This system can measure the specific resistance of liquid crystals. Noise influence can be shielded by using a shield box.


  • Resistivity measurement of LC
  • Ultra high sensitivity current measurement is realized
  • Resistivity Range: Up to 1015 ohm*cm
  • Simple constitution
  • Automatic measurement system
  • Multi Channel Measurement system is available (optional)