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TFT-LCD panel measurement System   Model LCM-3

It is well known that elastic constant is one of the most important physical properties of liquid crystal materials. For obtaining elastic constant at high precision, high-precision measurement of driving voltage (Vth) of liquid crystals needs to be conducted. Model EC-1 measures K11 (Spray) and K33 (Bend) based on Fredericks transition by applying voltage of our company’s original waveform. Dielectric constant anisotropy (De), e⊥, and e∥ can also be measured.

– CV measurement with no influence from bias voltage can be conducted.

– The elastic constant of liquid crystals can be obtained with our company’s original fitting software.


  • Estimation of future defects via accelerated aging test
  • Quick measurement and evaluation time
  • Quantification of Ion density and VHR in real TFT-LCD panel
  • Simultaneous measurement of internal DC voltage and Vcom shift
  • Applying Voltage for ION density and VHR Measurement : Up to 10 Volts
  • Number of Measurement Channels : Up to 8 channels (optional)
  • Applying DC Voltage: Up to 20 volts ( Negative Voltage is also available)
  • Number of DC Voltage Channels : Up to 8 channels
  • Multi channel measurement and automatic temperature control system is available (optional)