Uila Networks

Today’s virtualized data centers are opaque to traditional monitoring approaches and enterprise IT lack the tools to be able to correlate application and infrastructure performance to determine what is causing the application slowdown.

A Data Center’s infrastructure components – CPU, Memory, Network and Storage – may have their own management tools but these tools are incapable of providing visibility to the whole system or correlating that information back to a specific application’s performance. As a result, organizations lack the resources to quickly and efficiently resolve application performance issues and spend the majority of their valuable time engaged in reactive troubleshooting or inter-departmental finger pointing, rather than proactively improving application delivery.

Unified View


Simplify Data Center Operation

  • Customizable application and infrastructure health dashboard aggregates and correlates data into meaningful Key Performance Indicators for early warning of poor performance
  • Powerful analytic tool  sets ofApplication Topology, Flow Analyzer, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Storage Usagereveals how the underlying infrastructure is impacting application performance
  • Intuitive design  allows non-specialist operations staff to pinpoint the root cause of application slow-downs
  • New adaptive baseline technique to create monitoring thresholds to reduce false positives
  • Built-in and customizable C-level reporting for service level agreement compliance
  • Integrated alerting to Help Desk, or Network Operation Center

Virtual Architecture

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.46.40 PM

Built for Virtual Data Center

  • Leverages Big Data technology to scale to the largest data centers
  • Collect application response time  and critical infrastructure performance metrics in granular detail.
  • Virtual Information Controller (vIC) seamlessly integrates with Virtualization Management Systems e.g. VMware vCenter
  • Small footprint visual Smart Tap (vST) VM with minimal overhead – negates need for OS agents
  • Embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to identify more than 4,000 unique applications

SaaS Cloud 

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Automation and Provisioning
  • SaaS deployment model eliminates the requirement to procure, deploy and maintain appliance and/or hardware probes.
  • Automated provisioning and deployment of Uila software components
  • Multi-tenancy offers easy access for IT team as well as customer reporting in managed service environments
  • Also available as a Private Cloud/On-premise solution

Align IT Ops with Business & Application Objectives

There is no single tool that provides full stack visibility across applications and infrastructure layers in virtualized data centers. Without this visibility, IT Ops team is out of sync with business objectives delivered by the applications that are hosted in these data centers resulting in misaligned operational goals and silos. Uila solves this problem by providing a unified view of application and infrastructure health enabling IT Ops and Sys Ops to quickly analyze and identify application performance factors supported by the underlying infrastructure. This results in cross organizational alignment in operations and communication.


Improve application performance by enabling proactive planning


Uila identifies application performance bottlenecks for optimization and maximizes the efficiency, performance and reliability of virtualized infrastructure. Performance trends, anomalies and underlying patterns of behavior are identified using powerful big data analytics. All of these capabilities improve application performance and minimize application downtime.

Reduce complex troubleshooting from days to minutes

Network Administrators and System Administrators spend enormous amount of time and effort to either determine the root cause of application performance issues or rule out network/infrastructure problems when these issues occur. Rather than methodically and efficiently identifying root cause to the issue, these teams often have to engage in cumbersome and time consuming troubleshooting process with fragmented and uncorrelated information collected from their siloed tools. Uila delivers immediate root cause identification with correlated, real-time and historical performance evidence of Apps, Networks and Infrastructure information. It also reduces mean time to innocence for the infrastructure team by quickly isolating whether application performance issues are root caused to compute, storage and networking components.