Automotive EMC Design & Test Seminar!

Troy, MI
February 6, 2018

Please join us at the Automotive EMC Design & Test Seminar on February 6th!

Learn from respected experts in your field.  We’ll have great speakers ready to share their vast knowledge with you.  Lunch will be provided!

Dan Beeker from NXP is our primary speaker along with others from leading EMC solution providers such as NEC, Oak-Mitsui and API where they’ll present their latest EMC design and debugging solutions.

Date: February 6th 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Automation Alley
2675 Bellingham
Troy, MI 48083

Cost: Free


9:30AM-11:00AMPower Distribution Made Easy
11:00AM-NoonHow to Mitigate EMI from Switching Mode Power Supply Using EMIStream
Noon-1:00PMLunch and Product Fair
1:00PM-2:00PMBenefits for Advanced Thin Dielectrics to Optimize the Power Delivery Networks
2:00PM-3:00PMNear-Field Scanning: Searching for Root Causes
3:00PM-3:15PMBreak and Product Fair
3:15PM-4:15PMKeysight Overview of Tools for the EMC Lab
4:15PM-4:30PMWrap Up

Presentation 1
Power Distribution Made Easy by Dan Beeker
NXP Semiconductors
Principal Engineer, Automotive Field Applications Engineering


This presentation will present a simple EM physics and geometry based approach to designing power distribution networks on PCBs.  From input power connection to the IC die, the simple rules discussed can be used to reduce power supply noise and improve EMC.

This course will, after an introduction to EM field behavior, describe several effective methods for designing the spaces which are used to deliver power on a PCB.  These methods are driven by considerations for how fast the switches are changing states, and the geometry of the spaces and placement of components to properly delivery energy to prevent EMC and signal integrity issues.

Presentation 2
How to Mitigate EMI from Switching Mode Power Supply Using EMIStream by Yoshiaki Maruyama
Engineering Manager



In recent years, automotive EMC is becoming more important especially EMI from power supply circuit would affect AM/FM band. In this talk, we will cover how to mitigate EMI from switching mode power supply and also resonance from power plane. We will show you a case-study as well as comparison between simulation and measurement.

Presentation 3

Benefits for Advanced Thin Dielectrics to Optimize the Power Delivery Networks by Bob Carter
Vice President of Technology and Marketing



  • Power Delivery Network
  • Benefits/Improvements using Thin Dielectrics
  • Applications where this is being used today: Automotive, Network, Aerospace, Medical, Telecom, RF, MEMS and Sensors, and Chip Packages, etc.
  • Technical Data/Case Studies
  • Wrap

Presentation 4 

Near-Field Scanning: Searching for Root Causes by Hamed Kajbaf
Amber Precision Instruments
Principal EMC Engineer


  • Near-field effects of electrostatic discharge events
  • Conducted susceptibility: where does ESD current go?
  • Sniffer probes are smarter than they look
  • Electromagnetic lens: from near-field to far-field

Presentation 5

Keysight Overview of Tools for the EMC Lab by John Kinney
Keysight Technologies
RF and Microwave Application Engineer


With Connected Car applications there is a range of tools Keysight offers for the EMC lab, ranging from RF Power Meters, RF Signal Sources, to Pre-Compliance Analyzers, Compliance Analyzers, and VNA’s (Vector Network Analyzers) for applications like EMC Test and Debugging, Signal Integrity, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry), and the Ford RI-115 requirements. In addition Bases Station Emulators and Channel Faders are finding their  way into EMC labs to support Connected Car Application.