Network Packet brokers like Gigamon and Ixia provide network visibility.  They classify, filter, and share the aggregated load into sizeable chunks for network and security tools to handle.   If you have a network packet broker solution, then congratulations!  It means you manage a sizeable network that’s worthy of such a solution.  However, it still gets complicated as your network traffic grows beyond your network tools’ limits.  For example, you may have a 10G network recorder (packet capture) appliance.  However, with the increased traffic growth, that appliance will start struggling and lost packets will be the norm rather than the exception.  The recommended solution from your vendor is to buy more of his network recorders and balance the load amongst them with your network packet broker.  Good for your vendor but not so much for your wallet.  In addition, splitting streams between multiple network recorders has inherent issues.  You lose the big picture since you’re forced to work with isolated traffic.  Timing will also be lost when you recombine the packet streams into one because of “time drift”.  The real solution is a network recorder that keeps up with growing Ethernet rates.  One big picture and no complications.  Make sure it can handle beyond 10Gbps rates and in some cases, up to 100Gbps.  Do you agree or disagree?  Let us know.  Contact Us.


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