Have SYNESIS will travel, like in planes, trains, and automobiles.  Take a look at the pictures and guess where Tom Nakamura and I have been these past few weeks?  Each picture represents a country where we’ve signed channel partners to help us spread the word on SYNESIS.  Hint: look for landmarks, signs, text.  A couple should be obvious.  The others are a little tougher unless you’ve actually been there and so may be familiar with the scenery.

We’ve flown quite a number of miles and they can certainly wear you down but the rewards have been tremendous.  Multiple SYNESIS opportunities resulted through these newly signed partners, enough to keep us busy for the near future.  So, if you’re one of our recently signed partners, “Thank you!”.  We’re looking forward to much success together.

The main takeaway with this last round of thousands of miles is that SYNESIS is not just for network troubleshooting, it can be deployed for different purposes.  How?  Because SYNESIS isn’t quite a “black box”.  It’s architecture is flexible enough so that it can be tuned for specific deployment requirements.  NEMs can use its traffic generation functions for testing.  Its RESTful API and Linux platform allows it to be used as a data collector where stored data may be accessed directly via scripts bypassing the user interface altogether.

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