This past Tuesday (May 8), my colleagues Nick Sugawara, Yoshi Fukawa and I participated in the IEEE EMC MiniSymposium event that took place just outside of Chicago.  In the past, I have attended events like this many times before, but this experience was unique.  Instead of being a participant, I now attended as an almighty and all-knowing vendor!  Yes, my first booth duty assignment!  I found the change in perspective interesting.  Instead of looking for new products and ideas, my role now was to drive excitement!

With brochures and other collateral in hand, we were able to pique the interest of like-minded folks.  Talking shop with some of the estimated 60 or so EMC professionals, made me appreciate our common career path even more.  After these brief discussions, I thought that at least I was able to share some of my experience and knowledge.  In turn, I learned a little more about them and their needs, critical for any sales team.

This show certainly gave me a new perspective on what the EMC groups are like in different areas as attending a show of this type in the Chicagoland area is a first for me.  I certainty look forward to next year’s event.

So, if you passed by our tabletop area during the MiniSymposium and we were able to chat a bit, I hope you walked away with more knowledge about Toyo’s solutions for the EMC space.

-Barry Steltz