What a privilege it was for our SYNESIS to be part of ShowNet.  ShowNet was the network for Interop Tokyo 2018.  Facebook: https://ja-jp.facebook.com/interop.shownet/  The network involved 60 vendors, 400 engineers, and 80M USD of equipment.  Carefully planned for months in advance, actual physical deployment started two weeks before the start of Interop Tokyo.  All equipment was connected and thoroughly tested.  You can just imagine the flurry of events that occurred during that period.  The ShowNet network went live during Interop, not just for show, but  also to protect the event and all participants from cyberattacks.  TOYO Corp’s contribution in ShowNet was our very own SYNESIS Distributed 100G.

SYNESIS was appropriately nicknamed by the Network Operations Center as the “Messiah”, always connected to their 100GbE packet aggregation point, collecting every single byte that appeared in the ShowNet network.  If it happened in ShowNet, then SYNESIS kept a record of it, no packet left behind.  SYNESIS 100G, was installed in the monitoring area dedicated for forensics in case of incidents.  SYNESIS performed perfectly during the entire event.  You can imagine the bandwidth heavy applications in these events.  Even during peak traffic rates, not a single packet was loss by SYNESIS.

Looking back, ShowNet and Interop Tokyo 2018 was a very memorable highlight in my career.  It was so exciting to work with over 400 engineers from different companies.  We were colleagues for just a few days but the friendships and fond memories will remain with me for a long time.   I cannot wait until next year.

Yoko Nonaka

SYNESIS Marketing, TOYO Corp. Japan