Network Engineers are faced challenged with ever increasing Ethernet traffic rates, even up to 100Gb/s and beyond.  It’s unavoidable as the user base grows, IoT proliferates, and media rich applications demand higher network bandwidth.  Network engineers that depend on packet capture for troubleshooting data face a huge dilemma…packet loss with current legacy capture solutions.  Yet most network monitoring vendors aren’t providing adequate solution updates.  Instead, their responses to your need are typically: “What for” and “Why”?  Those same vendors will give you plenty of excuses of not needing packets anymore while steering you to try their new non-packet or packet sampling solutions.  Why?

The real reason for the lack of support is they simply CAN”T DO IT!  We say, “It is indeed possible to capture at 100G without losing packets.”   At TOYO, we didn’t settle for less when it comes to packet capture.  In the next few days I’ll explain how we use specialized hardware and patent pending software in providing you complete packet data for analysis.

SYNESIS is the only packet capture solution in the market capable of capturing up to 100Gb/s, continuously and without packet loss.

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Angelo Bustos
Solutions Consultant Director