TOYO Launches New Radiated Emission Measurement Software ”ES10/RE”

Replaces long-standing industry standard EMC measurement software, “EP5” and “EP7” series


Fremont, Calif. – July 2, 2020 – TOYOTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOYO Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Division, Code: 8151) announced the completed development for “ES10/RE,” a new software for EMI*1 compliance evaluation and EMI measurement of radiated emission (electromagnetic noise emitted by electronic equipment including home appliances, multi-media, and medical equipment).

All electronic equipment including home appliances and communication devices emit electromagnetic waves, and EMI measurement needs to be conducted to ensure that the electromagnetic waves do not adversely affect other electronic equipment. While EMI measurement is conducted for both radiated emission (noise radiated in the air from electronic equipment) and conducted emission (noise propagated through the power and communication lines), the new software, “EP10/RE” is used for EMI measurement of radiated emission. It is meant to be used together with an EMI receiver, the hardware necessary for EMI measurement.

With the technological development such as IoT, 5G and autonomous driving, the electromagnetic environment around us has been becoming more and more complex. Though it is more difficult to detect electromagnetic noise than before due to the increased number of parts and functions used in recent products, engineers are requested to shorten the development time and reduce manhours. So, development engineers and EMC*2 test engineers need to measure noise and take countermeasures effectively and efficiently. By combining the ”ES10/RE” with an EMI receiver supporting the “FFT time domain scan*3,” you can quickly and accurately identify the location of the noise source. In addition, its difference display feature enables you to take more efficient countermeasures against noise as you can easily compare two different sets of measurement results obtained in completely different environments, for example, before and after the countermeasures are taken or a function on DUT is switched.

TOYO has developed and sold a number of EMI measurement software applications to respond to various customer needs. The software roughly falls under two main series – the “EP5” and ”EP7” series that has established its position as the industry standard, supporting various EMI receiver models and EMI measurement equipment (including antenna mast and turntable), and the high-end “EPX” series*4 that fully utilizes the features of Keysight Technologies’ top-of-the-line “N9048B PXE” EMI receiver. With “ES10/RE” developed on the same platform (fundamental software structure) as “EPX,” the functional differences among the “EP5” and “EP7” series have been minimized or eliminated, and the new features will be delivered to users in a shorter time. “ES10/RE” is the first application of the “ES10” series that will replace the existing ”EP5/RE” and “EP7/RE” software and will be followed by two other applications in sequence. “EPX” and “ES10” will be the two main pillars of TOYO’s EMI measurement software.

Utilizing our 30 years of experience in EMC measurement software development, TOYO will continue to deliver products that will help improve the efficiency of EMC measurement to reduce emissions and to improve quality control for electronic equipment and automobile development.

 “ES10/RE” Features

  • Support the latest functions of “EPX” series*5
  • Easy identification of recently-increasing complex noise using the time domain scan feature
  • Difference display function that enables easy comparison and analysis of multiple sets of measurement data
  • Substantially improved usability – same level as the high-end “EPX” series
  • Customizable UI according to your preference
  • Unifying the “EP5” and “EP7” series.  Using the same platform as “EPX”, the upper series, the functional differences among products or series have been minimized or eliminated. The new functions can be released for both delay “EPX” and “ES10” series with little time delay.

With the launch of “ES10/RE,” “EP5/RE” and “EP7/RE” will be discontinued on August 31, 2020. Technical support will not be provided after July 30, 2021.

About TOYOTech
TOYOTech LLC, founded in Fremont, California in 2015, is a wholly-owned local subsidiary of TOYO Corporation. TOYOTech provides the customers in the US and several other countries with TOYO Corporation’s self-developed products incorporating the know-how and technologies accumulated over many decades, as well as TOYOTech’s own-developed products that are unique in the markets – these include test and measurement solutions for automobile, new materials, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and EMC applications among others. At the same time, TOYOTech keeps a keen eye on the newly emerging technologies and up-to-date information in Silicon Valley, a holy site of innovation, actively collaborating with startups and seeking M&A opportunities. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

About TOYO Corporation
TOYO Corporation (TSE: 8151) is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidiaries in the United States and China. Since its founding in 1953, TOYO has become the leading distributor of advanced measurement instruments and systems in Japan. TOYO also engages in original product designs and develops advanced solutions for many of markets that its serves including automotive, sustainable energy, and cyber security industries. TOYO’s innovative products are used by many leading companies in Japan, the United States and APAC countries, helping TOYO’s customers accelerate development, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

Nori Sugawara | TOYOTech

*1 Electromagnetic Interference

*2 Electromagnetic Compatibility

*3 Function that measures the spectrum in a wide band using fast Fourier transformation operation

*4 A software series comprised of three software products, “EPX/RE” for radiated emission, ”EPX/CE” for conducted emission and “EPX/VE” for automobile and on-vehicle equipment

*5 Some features of the “EPX/RE” including the “Accelerated Time Domain Scan feature” are not supported by the “ES10/RE.”[/vc_column_text]