TOYOTech Introduces New Conducted Emission Measurement and Analysis Software “EPX/CE”

Automated and high-quality measurement of electromagnetic noise on power and communication lines

Fremont, Calif. – May 21, 2020 – TOYOTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOYO Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Division, Code:8151) launched the new Conducted Emission Measurement and Analysis Software, “EPX/CE”, for EMI*1 measurement of electromagnetic noise generated by electronic equipment under test and propagated through power and communication lines.  “EPX/CE” may also be used for EMI compliance testing of electronic equipment and the software is available both in English and Japanese.

All electronic equipment including home appliances and communication devices emit electromagnetic waves, and EMI measurement is conducted to make sure that the electromagnetic waves do not adversely affect other electronic equipment. While EMI measurement is conducted for both radiated (noise radiated in the air from electronic equipment) and conducted emission (noise propagated through the power and communication lines)、 the new software, “EPX/CE” is used for EMI measurement for conducted emission.


The “EPX/CE” is the third application that completes the series of EPX software that includes two other preceding applications, “EPX/RE” for radiated emission measurement and “EPX/VE” for emission measurement for automobile and on-vehicle equipment. In the “EPX series”, two technologies developed by TOYO are used – they help to prevent missing important noise even when you conduct measurement in a wideband and to perform measurements that are fully compliant with international standards. Like other “EPX series” software, the “EPX/CE” also allows constant monitoring of the noise spectrum in the measurement frequency range by incorporating “Accelerated Time Domain Scan (A-TDS)” as an optional feature for Keysight’s latest EMI receiver*2 “N9048B PXE”, so that no noise is missed. When noise that exceeds the maximum allowable level defined by the standard is missed in the EMI measurement conducted at each development phase and is found at the final stage of development, this error will substantially increase the development time as engineers need to go back to an earlier stage and fix the problem. Due to this, development engineers have no choice but to take great pains in taking countermeasures against noise and spend much time on it. The solution comprising of the “EPX series” software such as the “EPX/CE” and the “N9048B PXE” EMI receiver reduces the time needed to take countermeasures against electromagnetic noise as it prevents from missing important noise and helps you easily find the source of noise. In addition, the automated measurement sequence feature of the “EPX series” delivers highly reliable measurement results equivalent to those obtained by an experienced engineer. The “EPX series” will improve the efficiency of the customer’s operation as well as the measurement quality.

Key technologies in “EPX Series”

The “EPX series” has two features that use TOYO’s self-developed technologies – “Impulse noise removal feature” and ”Compliance evaluation feature”, both of which solve the issues that could occur in a wideband measurement using the “N9048B PXE” EMI receiver.

The “Impulse noise removal feature” prevents the target electromagnetic noise from being hidden by other noise irrelevant to the measurement like static electricity and so-called click*3 noise. The “Compliance evaluation feature” allows you to conduct measurements compliant with international standards without relying on the experiences and skills of test engineers.


Main features of “EPX series”

・ Highly-reliable automated measurement sequence with A-TDS

       – Realtime scan measurement sequence that allows for gapless measurement within FFT bandwidth

       – Frequency step measurement sequence that reduces the time for each measurement

・ Prescan using QP detector

・ Noise analysis after removing impulse noise (PK/MaxHold) that hides other noise in a wide bandwidth

・ Automatic adjustment and setting of Dwell Time based on analysis of noise behavior

・ Noise data evaluation in time domain

・ MS-Office-based reporting feature


Product data

Product name: Conducted Emission Measurement and Analysis Software “EPX/CE”

Launch date: May 2020

Nori Sugawara | TOYOTech

*1 Electromagnetic Interference.

*2 Equipment for EMI measurement that records the electromagnetic wave emitted from DUT

*3 A very short noise that appears instantaneously. It is evaluated separately from the conducted emission as a discontinuous interference wave.