Rototest and TOYO Corporation: Expanding Sales Trilaterally in Japan, the United States, and China

TOYOTech obtains the exclusive right to market “ROTOTEST® Energy™”, an advanced hub-coupled chassis dynamometer system, in the United States, helping customers evaluate the Dynamics and Energy Flow of EVs, FCVs, and Other Electric Vehicles

Tokyo, Japan – August 28, 2018 – TOYO Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masaru Gomi) announced that its United States (US) subsidiary TOYOTech LLC (in Fremont, CA) has acquired the exclusive right to market the advanced hub-coupled chassis dynamometer “ROTOTEST® Energy™” in the US.  Rototest dynamometers allow for steering control while testing a real vehicle on it.  TOYOTech will launch the dynamometer on September 3, 2018 in the US automobile market, where investments in technology development for self-driving cars and EVs/FCVs are active.  The addition of the “ROTOTEST® Energy™” dynamometer in conjunction with a diverse array of pertinent measurement instruments and technologies will cement it as one of the top testing solutions required to develop next-generation automotive technologies.

TOYO Corporation has been the exclusive distributor for Rototest Europe AB (Head office: Rönninge, Sweden), the manufacturer of ” ROTOTEST® Energy™,” since December 2015 in Japan, and since February 2018 in China.  Capitalizing on the momentum of this partnership formation in the US, TOYO Corporation is aiming to accelerate its trilateral sales expansion of “ROTOTEST® Energy™” in Japan, the US, and China.

Outstanding Features of “ROTOTEST® Energy™”

  • Portable and short setup time – 15 to 20 minutes per hub
  • 4-wheel independent control dynamometer system requiring only a flat space and mains power*
  • Allows for steering control during a running test
  • Uses a low-inertia drive motor unit
  • Allows for a quick acceleration test by eliminating tires
  • Allows for a 4-quadrant test (forward, reverse, power running, and regeneration)
  • Allows for a running resistance test, also simulating hill conditions
  • Available in different variations covering from single-axle (2WD) vehicles to dual-axle (4WD) vehicles
  • Available in application-specific models such as a low-noise model for the NVH test (45dBA or less at 100km/h) and an environment test model (covering down to -35degC)
  • Allows for system customization with different options, such as:
  • A blower which generates headwinds according to the simulated running speed
  • An interface to link external control systems (e.g. a driving simulator and HILS)


            TOYOTech LLC, founded in Fremont, California in 2015, is a wholly owned local subsidiary of TOYO Corporation.  TOYOTech provides the customers in the US and several other countries with TOYO Corporation’s self-developed products incorporating the know-how and technologies accumulated over many decades, as well as TOYOTech’s own-developed products that are unique in the markets – these include test and measurement solutions for automobile, new materials, ICT, and EMC applications among others.   

At the same time, TOYOTech keeps a keen eye on the newly emerging technologies and up-to-date information in Silicon Valley, a holy site of innovation, actively collaborating with startups and seeking M&A opportunities.

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