Why leave your packet capture needs to chance?  We’ve seen customers try to do this on their own…homemade wireshark in hope of capturing every single byte but it usually doesn’t turn out as expected.  Result?  …packet loss!  A software solution just won’t be able to handle multi-GbE capture sessions.  When you absolutely need packets for your troubleshooting needs, there’s a better and more reliable solution.

SYNESIS is our award winning network recorder (link to Cisco live award).  It can record every single byte on your network.  What makes SYNESIS different from other similar systems?  While similar devices experience packet loss, SYNESIS can record every packet you send to it, even up to 100GbE.  You don’t have 100GbE and only have 10GbE?  This promotion is perfect for you.

Our 10G SYNESIS Network Recorder, model SYU-10G-EP, is now available at a great price through a special promotion.  Match it with an equally great tap from our valued partner, Garland Technology, and you have a network recorder ideal for 10G networks.

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