100% Packet Capture / 100% Packet Replay


SYNESIS is our award winning Ethernet network packet capture system, available in both portable or rack mount platforms. SYNESIS supports line rate capture of up to 100Gbps and packet replay of up to 10Gbps.  Perfect application for engineering teams that require real traffic data in replicating customer issues and testing bug fixes.

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The Three “R”s for Network Device Testing & Troubleshooting: Record,Replay,Replicate (Part 1 of 4)

In this blog series, we explore how SYNESIS can help network equipment vendors improve their troubleshooting methods, especially equipment issues found at customer sites.  Stop wasting time and resources on using the wrong data in problem replication.  Use real world data!

Coming soon:  Support for native 40G interfaces!

You asked for it, you got it!  SYNESIS will soon be able to support full line rate capture from native 40G interfaces with no packet loss!  No more breaking up a a single 40G link to four 10G links.