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The Network Management Professionals of SYNESIS

Data networks are far more complex than ever before. SYNESIS can help your IT organization take back control of your networks. Watch this entertaining short video to discover and learn more about TOYO’s long history of helping customers around the world better manage their networks and guard them against cyberthreats.  To watch the entire video, click here.  If you enjoy what you saw, please give us a like.

The world’s first 200Gbps Portable Capture Appliance

TOYO Corporation Introduces the First Portable Packet Capture Appliance Supporting 200G Networks

SYNESIS Visualizes 200Gbps Traffic and Helps Resolve Issues to Ensure Network Quality and Reduce Downtime Risk on the World’s Fastest Networks

SYNESIS 200Gbps portable packet capture appliance

Tokyo, Japan, Apr 23, 2019 – TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announces the world’s first 200Gbps portable packet capture appliance. Ideally suited for field environments, this new SYNESIS provides field personnel and lab engineers with a powerful solution to help quickly identify and resolve issues with today’s fastest networks. The appliance includes TOYO’s patented technology which offers the unmatched capability to capture 100% of all packets without any data loss.

During the month of June, TOYO Corporation will be demonstrating the SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model at Interop Tokyo 2019, on June 12-14 in Chiba, Japan and Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019, on June 26-28 in Shanghai, China.

The growth in the number of connected devices, the advancement of AI technology and the emergence of the 5G mobile standard are compelling network service providers to update their infrastructure to the 100Gbps and 200Gbps standards in order to support the exponential demand for network bandwidth from these technologies. Networking technology continues to advance at a faster pace than the tools needed to support it and SYNESIS plays a critical role in supporting its adoption.

The SYNESIS Portable is a packet capture appliance which continuously captures data traffic up to 200Gbps. The appliance is powered by a patented technology titled “Data recording apparatus and method” which enables SYNESIS to perform captures even at 200Gbps full line rate without incurring any packet loss.

With this key capability, SYNESIS helps service providers identify and resolve network issues quickly and accurately. As a result, service providers can better manage their networks, ensure higher quality connections and eliminate the risk of network downtime and avoid catastrophe from financial and reputation damage.

The portable form factor allows for rapid deployment in the field. Service providers thus do not need to purchase several packet capture appliances for each data center, providing these customers with IT agility and cost-saving economics.

SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model Key Advantages
The SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model is a high-performance portable packet capture appliance which can capture up to 200Gbps. Other key advantages include:

Capture without loss: Capture and directly stream 200Gbps traffic to storage without incurring any packet loss
High-speed extraction: Reduce the time required to extract packets by saving indexing information
Portable: Perform network packet captures onsite

SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps at Expos

Tokyo 2019
Booth 6A04, June 12-14 in Chiba, Japan (

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019
Booth N4.F95, June 26-28 in Shanghai, China (

The 200G SYNESIS appliance is currently available for quoting with first customer shipments expected on October 2019. Early access is available for some select customers. Please contact TOYO or any of our sales partners to be placed on the list(

SYNESIS Online Resources
SYNESIS Product Information:
Why capturing 100 percent of all data frames is important:
SYNESIS patent:

About TOYO Corporation
TOYO Corporation (TOKYO: 8151) is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with
subsidiaries in the United States and China. Since its founding in 1953, TOYO has become the leading
distributor of advanced measurement instruments and systems in Japan. TOYO also engages in
original product designs and develops advanced solutions for many of the markets that it serves
including automotive, sustainable energy, and cybersecurity industries. TOYO’s innovative products
are used by many leading companies in Japan, the United States and APAC countries, helping TOYO’s
customers accelerate development, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality. For more
information, please visit the company’s website at


TOYO Corporation
Yoko Nonaka
SYNESIS Marketing (

Press Release: TOYOTech and Garland Technology Team Up in Strategic Partnership

TOYOTech and Garland Technology Team Up in Strategic Partnership

SYNESIS and Garland Technology kick off full packet visibility in High Speed Ethernet Networks with a Special Price Promotion

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TOYOTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of TOYO Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Division, Code:8151), and Garland Technology today announced a broad technical partnership.

Garland Technology, headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is an industry leader in providing network access products that offer full packet visibility for complex data center environments. Garland has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. Recently, the company was named one of the fastest growing companies in the Buffalo region. TOYO Corporation has successfully carried Garland Technology’s products in the Japanese and APAC regions. So, it is only logical to carry this partnership into the North America markets. Garland Technology’s full line of network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers are an ideal match for TOYO Corporation’s SYNESIS packet capture system. The combined solution is data center ready and opens up new markets in security and finance for our partners.

TOYO’s SYNESIS is the only packet capture system that can record packet data without loss up to 100GbE. This is a game changer solution for network teams that depend on packet-level visibility for troubleshooting issues in high speed networks.

“Mirroring data traffic into network analyzers has been problematic due to the many capture points, often varying in speeds and physical configurations. Garland Technology solves that problem with their powerful lines of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers,” said Frank Rubio, Senior Director of Business Development, Garland Technology. “TOYO SYNESIS is a great addition to Garland’s technology partner ecosystem since the solution provides line rate packet capture from 1GbE up to 100GbE without packet loss. This combination simplifies deployment and reduces cost and footprint.”

TOYO Corporation, which has been successfully reselling Garland Technology TAPs combined with matching SYNESIS models in the Japanese and APAC regions, established this technology partnership as a best-of-class network visibility solution.

“Part of our network division’s success in the past few years has been due to our partnership with Garland Technology. We’re looking forward to repeating that success outside of Japan. Our common channel partners will have the optimal solution for teams that require full packet visibility in the most demanding environments,” said Tatsushi Nakamura, Global Business Manager, TOYO Corporation.

For our shared channel partners, the joint solution will negate the performance limitations they’ve been facing in their current offerings, especially with the increased popularity of 40G and 100G.

“Garland Technology will allow my customers to see and analyze all of their data from any location, no matter at what speed. Now we have a great solution for my customers where Garland Technology TAPs and network packet brokers provide the visibility and SYNESIS records all. When a network outage occurs, packets are available to determine root cause,” said Chris Johnson, President, OASYS Corp. “For security breaches, detailed forensic research is possible since even the lowest volume flows would have been recorded.”

To kick off this partnership the two companies are offering a special certified entry-level SYNESIS portable and TAP joint solution ( Any packet visibility requirement though, can be met given the numerous TAP and SYNESIS models from both Garland Technology and TOYO Corporation, respectively.

About TOYOTech

TOYOTech LLC, founded in Fremont, California in 2015, is a wholly owned local subsidiary of TOYO Corporation. TOYOTech provides the customers in the US and several other countries with TOYO Corporation’s self-developed products incorporating the know-how and technologies accumulated over many decades, as well as TOYOTech’s own-developed products that are unique in the markets – these include test and measurement solutions for automobile, new materials, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and EMC applications among others. At the same time, TOYOTech keeps a keen eye on the newly emerging technologies and up-to-date information in Silicon Valley, a holy site of innovation, actively collaborating with startups and seeking M&A opportunities.

About Garland Technology

Garland Technology is an industry leader delivering network products and solutions for enterprises, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Since 2011, Garland Technology has developed the industry’s most reliable test access points (TAPs), enabling data centers to address IT challenges and gain complete network visibility. For more information, or learn more about the inventor of the first bypass TAP, visit or @GarlandTech.


Steve Wong

TOYO Corp Newsletter April 2017: The best solution for replicating network problems by replaying packets!

100% Packet Capture / 100% Packet Replay


SYNESIS is our award winning Ethernet network packet capture system, available in both portable or rack mount platforms. SYNESIS supports line rate capture of up to 100Gbps and packet replay of up to 10Gbps.  Perfect application for engineering teams that require real traffic data in replicating customer issues and testing bug fixes.

Click here for more information on SYNESIS

Check out the latest entry in our SYNESIS Blog!

The Three “R”s for Network Device Testing & Troubleshooting: Record,Replay,Replicate (Part 1 of 4)

In this blog series, we explore how SYNESIS can help network equipment vendors improve their troubleshooting methods, especially equipment issues found at customer sites.  Stop wasting time and resources on using the wrong data in problem replication.  Use real world data!

Coming soon:  Support for native 40G interfaces!

You asked for it, you got it!  SYNESIS will soon be able to support full line rate capture from native 40G interfaces with no packet loss!  No more breaking up a a single 40G link to four 10G links.

TOYO Corp. invests $5M in Uila!

Uila receives Series A Funding from TOYO Corp.

We’re proud partners of and, now, investors in Uila.  Their principals are industry veterans who have developed great technology, carrying their knowledge of network troubleshooting into the virtualization space.  The result?  Just the best in class solution in finding root cause of application slowdowns in virtualized environments.

View the news release

Click Here to learn more about Uila.


TOYOTech will be at Data Connectors, San Jose March 23

Pass by our booth at

Data Connectors San Jose

Mar 23, 2017

VENUE: Hyatt Place San Jose/Downtown


TOYOTech will be showcasing SYNESIS and DoubleCloud vSearch!

SYNESIS is the fastest high fidelity Ethernet packet network recorder (network DVR) and replayer for big data.  It supports 1G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet speeds at capture rates up to 100Gbps and can replay up to 10Gbps.


DoubleCloud’s vSearch is the most powerful search engine available for any cloud infrastructure. It empowers administrators to search and act on vital intelligence.  DoubleCloud’s technology simplifies the complex and provides you more control over your cloud.  Search, view, and manage from the “big picture” rather than individual views.



What is Data Connectors?

Data Connectors’ technology security conferences are focused on providing you with the latest best practices, products and services available to the community right now in an educational environment. Whether you are concerned with information security, cyber security, network security or particular topics such cloud computing, the evolving IT landscape as well as how to combat cyber criminals, you will leave the event better informed and ready to tackle the issues at hand inside your organization.  – DATA CONNECTORS