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SYNESIS and Garland Technology @Cisco Live! 2018

I just attended “Cisco Live! 2018,” held from June 10-14 in Orlando,Florida – it was a very impressive event!  TOYO Corporation Japan has carried Garland Technology products with great success in Japan so I was fortunate enough to have been invited to join them this year at the event as a valued partner.  Every day the Garland Technology booth was filled with many excited visitors from all over the world looking for solutions to help them manage and improve their networks.  Well, they came to the right booth.  Garland Technology, backed by the world’s most advanced technologies, provides complete network visibility with 100% network uptime.

For myself, I had excellent opportunities of introducing our sophisticated “SYNESIS-Garland Joint Solution”.  My conversations with the many skilled engineers from all over the world confirmed that we do indeed have a first-class solution.

Download the SYNESIS-Garland Joint Solution!

Kensaku Hashimoto
SYNESIS Product Manager

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Don’t wait until your network is overloaded!

Network Recording as an insurance policy

If you have a growing customer base, your network will grow.  Not if but when.  You can equate it to a fast moving train but just around the bend could be trouble, most minor but some can be catastrophic to your business: too many users, inefficient applications, faulty hardware, security attacks, etc.


Are your network tools ready?  If not, consider a network recorder.

Network Recorders have typically been synonymous with network monitoring tools.  Packets from these recorders produce real-time statistics and analysis.   But what happens when these tools cannot keep up when Ethernet rates climb past 10Gb/s and up to 100Gb/s?  When you can’t analyze network issues, related costs can quickly cascade to loss of business.  What if network data can be recorded, not just for real-time statistics and analysis, but for insuring missed network events from the past few minutes, hours, or days can still be addressed?  That’s what  dedicated network recording solutions provide.  They complement your current network toolkit and as long as your tools understand Wireshark PCAP formatted files, which most do, then any missed event can still be analyzed.  Don’t wait for your network to blow up your monitoring tools.

Angelo Bustos

Solutions Consultant Director


TOYOTech Launches BlueBox!

TOYOTech is proud to announce the release of BlueBox!  BlueBox is a mobile EMC motor test bench for EMI and EMS testing of electric and hybrid vehicles (EV and HV).  It’s an exciting product that provides mobility and lowers cost.


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